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Scientific Wordviews -

Are you on a quest to find out if a higher power exists in the world today? If so, study these scientific and mathematical evidences and find your own conclusion. Your foundational worldview is determined by your conclusion to this question.

Evidence For Evolution: The unsupported icons of evolution still found in today's textbooks, including homology, embryology, observed natural selection, and the fossil record.
Miracle Of Life: It’s more likely to win the state lottery every week for a million years than randomly assemble the first bacterium.
Dinosaur Extinction: Review the considerable evidence for this theory of recent dinosaur extinction. The facts overwhelmingly point to it as being truth.
How Old Is The Earth?: How old is the crust of the earth? What do its layers really tell us?
Creation Evidence: Evidence that discredits evolutionary theory. Lack of natural mechanism. Lack of transitional fossils. Time constraints. Unacceptable models under scientific rules.
Carbon Dating: How do scientists use this relatively rare radioactive isotope to determine how long ago an organic specimen died? Find out more.
Origin Of Life: Science and technology have revealed organic complexity and information code inherent in living systems that can not be spontaneously produced.
The Age Of The Earth Part 2: What kinds of scientific techniques do researchers use to determine the age of the earth?
Theory Of Relativity: Einstein’s theory that objects will move slower and shorten in length from the point of view of an observer on Earth.
Intelligent Design Theory: The living results of natural selection overwhelmingly impress us with the appearance of design as if by a master watchmaker. Just appearance?
Origin Of Life: What was the cause of first life on earth? What does the latest DNA evidence tell us?
Origin Of The Universe: The Big Bang Theory and its related Inflation Universe Theories are today's dominant scientific conjectures about the start of it all.
Geologic Time Scale: What is the geologic column? What does it really say about our world?
Origin Of Species: The book and theory that changed the way we think about life origins.
Evidence For Intelligent Design: The concept and design inherent in a machine, whether simple or complex, mechanical or biological, is self-evident.
The Dinosaur Fossils: What does fossilization mean? What does it tell us?
The Flood: The biblical accout. The geologic, historic and manuscript evidence.
Evolution Of Man: Learn about the independent observations within the fields of anthropology, paleontology and molecular biology that support the tree of life.
Irreducible Complexity: Like a mechanical motor, each part in the microscopic motor in a bacterium is absolutely necessary for the whole to function.
Fossil Record: Nearly 150 years after Darwin, there has been no clear evidence of evolutionary transition found thus far in the fossil record.
Microscopic Organisms: The flagellum is what propels a bacterium through its microscopic world. The bacterial flagellum consists of about 40 distinct parts.
Origin Of The Universe: The atheist mechanisms for all that we see. The Big Bang and Inflation Universe Theories. The Evolutionary Theories. A Critique.
Proof Of God: What does 21st century science and technology tell us about the reality of God?
Charles Darwin: His Evolutionary Theory of Origins. His family background and education. The HMS Beagle and Origin of Species. His lasting effect.
Creation Of Life: Producing traces of amino acids in a laboratory is far from creating biological systems. Life is truly a miracle.
Charles Darwin: He proposed "Natural Selection" as the mechanism by which an original single-celled organism could have evolved into all known species.
Evolution And The Fossil Record: Australopithecus afarensis, or "Lucy," was considered a missing link for years. Studies now show that she was a pygmy chimpanzee.
Human Eye: Check out the eye. Complex organs made up of separate but necessary subsystems cannot be the result of random chance.
Spontaneous Generation: Why are scientists declaring such huge odds against their own theories? Why are they proposing slightly outlandish non-scientific conjectures?
Second Law: Thermodynamics: Natural law and observable evidence applied to shed dramatic light on our cosmos.
Creation Vs. Evolution: An emotional debate that goes to the core of life and meaning.
All About The Journey: Study along with an attorney as he challenges his long-held preconceptions of life, origin of life, and Jesus Christ.
Evolutionism: A broad overview of the definitions attached to general evolutionary theory.
DNA Double Helix: What does the digitial code inherent in living things tell us?
DNA Molecule: The astonishing miracle of life’s incredible micro, digital, error-correcting, redundant, self duplicating, information storage and retrieval system.
The Age Of The Earth: Young Earth vs. Old Earth. A study of Limiting Factors. Magnetic field. Earth rotation. Moon drift. Young is not unreasonable.
Darwin's Theory Of Evolution: The theory of natural selection and its various issues.
Human Evolution: Is there really scientific evidence for the evolution of man?
All About Science: Learn about Charles Darwin, origin of life, DNA double helix, and much more! Discover new ideas and how they can impact your life.
Uniformitarianism: The emergence, history, and meaning of the geological doctrine which assumes uniform geologic processes throughout the unobservable past.
Cell Structure: The cell has revealed an "unanticipated Lilliputian world" of enormous complexity that has pushed the theory of evolution to a breaking point.
Creation Vs. Evolution: A look at the public schools and the popular media when it comes to this debate.
Catastrophism: What is the true geologic history of our earth? Check out the evidence here.
Piltdown Man: Are there really lies and mistakes in our textbooks?
Problems With The Fossil Record: Paleontologists at the largest museums are often confronted with the philosophical problems of identifying ancestral forms in the fossil record.
Evolution Vs. Creation: What are the basic differences between these two scientific world-views?
Age Of Earth: Science continues to change its estimates of the earth's age… So, what's the truth?
All About Creation: Can the scientific method be used to discover how God created the Heavens and the Earth? Learn here.
Intelligent Design: An examination of mechanical and biological machines. Spontaneous generation vs. concept and design. The fantastic complexity at the molecular level.
Big Bang Theory: Concise synopsis of the big bang theory's background, historical foundations, major problems. Explore alternatives to our ultimate question of origins.
Dragon History: What do the stories of dragons tell us about the history of dinosaurs in our past?
Theory Of Evolution: Is it true science to use Micro-Evolutionary observations to connect the missing dots on all the other phases of evolution?
Radiometric Dating: A review of the latest scientific techniques for dating inorganic objects.
Intelligent Design Video: Watch this extraordinary video clip of mechanical and biological machines. See the fantastic complexity of life at the molecular level. Does it point to an act of random evolution or design? What do the triple PhD's and experts think about this?
Origin of Species Video: Check out this incredible video clip of the Lampsillis Mussle. Is there a logical explanation for how evolution could explain the creation of this mussle?
Second Law of Thermodynamics Video: Watch this awesome video clip on the huge number of perfect settings needed to sustain life on earth. Are these things random happenstance or designed? You decide!
Evolution of Man Video: Who was Darwin and what are the arguments regarding his theory? What is natural selection and how does it play into what Charles Darwin believed?
DNA Double Helix Video: Watch this awesome video clip of the spinning DNA double helix. Does it point to an act of random evolution or intelligent design? See the process of transcription and translation. You be the judge. What do the experts think?
Big Bang Theory Video: Stream this short video on the big bang theory. Explore alternatives to our ultimate question of origins. Where did life come from?
Charles Darwin Video: Watch this short video clip on Charles Darwin and his infamous theory of evolution. Discover the truth today!
Theory Of Relativity Video: Watch this amazing video clip on the incredible number of perfect settings required to sustain life on our planet. Could all of these factors happened by chance?
Origin of Life Video: Stream this short video clip on the huge question of origins. Do you know what you believe and can you back it up with evidence?
Darwin's Theory of Evolution Video: Stream a short video on this theory. See the incredible advances we've made in molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics since Charles Darwin.
Does God Exist: Based on the latest scientific evidence, has atheism become a greater leap of faith than theism? Check out the evidence for the existence of God here!
God The Creator: A lyrical version of the beginning of time and how God created the universe and all that is in it.
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